Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forks Chapter 3

So okay here is chapter 3.
So we got to the Forks Motel. It is nice enough and cheap to boot. I think our room was $70.00.
We went out to eat Pizza down the road. They had great food and 3 guest books that you can read through from all the tourist that had stopped by.
We then headed back and went to sleep. The next morning we got up and went to the Forks Outfitters. It is like a Safeway, Out fitter slash Ace Hardware. They have the best Forks and Twilight Sweatshirts, shirts and things. I am currently working on somethings to sell in there. Remember this is like the Mike Newtons parents store.
I talked to the manager for a long time about the effects Twilight has had on their town. Basically with the drop in Timber prices, The town was really going down and times were getting tough. It was a great conversation. It was great listening to people who all greeted and knew each other in the store.
We bought donuts and headed for the Information center. My nieces showed up with their mom. So we went inside got a map of landmarks. There were people for all over the place there that day. I met some crazy gals from Arizona, Florida, New York, a sweet grandpa with his granddaughters from Idaho. There was a group of French Writers that were taking the Twilight Tour Bus Tour also so some visiting from Japan and Germany.
All that in a span of 20 minutes.
The day was beautiful and weather nice. The town was buzzing. We did the tour took pictures. I headed into the Dazzled by Twilight Store. Getting over a cold something gave me a huge coughing..pee your pants fit so I had to walk out. I tried to go in again but something just kept making me cough. Next time I will wear a mask.LOL
I could not wait to head to the beach. We went to RIALTO BEACH this time. It was spectacular. We spent 4 hours there. I collected bags of sand an a whole big collection of rocks. They are the most amazing colors.
So around 5 clock we headed home. It was so great! I cannot wait to go back next month.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay I'm done with the Tirade

So now I have to work a little harder. Ebay was so easy. It was so much It was sometimes hard to keep up. I have a few thing still on but I have no Idea who will buy them since you cannot use any Twilight related words in the Title or description. Of coarse this only pertains to mostly me because I see others starting to list their things and not get pulled.
Well I am now going to open a bitten and dazzled store on Etsy. I mean I have so much energy and inventory I cannot stop now. So after taking a much need 10 days off I am getting back to work.
All my customers You have been so great! I really have enjoyed the rush. Even those I ticked off because of some stupid mistake... Thank You!!!!!!!