Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bella's Birthday Bash!!!!!!

Wow what a weekend. Crazy hectic but I would not have it any other way. My mom and I adventured to Forks for the Bella's Birthday Bash. We didn't get in till later of Friday night. So we shopped around got some dinner and headed out to our lovely cabin in La Push.

The weather was fantastic, the sunset out of this world!!! I love the smell of the salty sea, the violence of the waves crashing. The beautiful Driftwood coast line and all our Quileute brothers and sisters who made us So Welcome.

Saturday was fantastic. Mom was not feeling well so I was a pack horse and a sales women all in one. We met so many fantastic people from all over the world. Shout out to the Twilight Music Girls, Juanita and Reena from 98331 gear, Alabama Girls, New York Times Photo Dude and all our crazy friends from Puyallup, and Mrs. Anna ,Fud and their beautiful Family.

After a tiring day we ended it with a story telling on first beach in La Push. We were pleased to meet Tinsel Korey who will be playing Emily in New Moon. It was pure magic. You really could feel the Great spirit among the 500 or so that ended up on the beach that beautiful evening.

After a great sleep we woke up again and headed to set up on Sunday for Bella's Birthday cutting. The day wasn't as long but we still sold Lots of stuff and still met tons of new people. We will be defiantly going back next year. And if you cannot come see us you will be soon seeing my stuff in Forks. I will up date the scoop later.

Sorry I missed Mitch Hansen band on Saturday but I was wiped. Next year I will bring more And sorry my pictures are crappy. I was so busy I didn't get to take them like I wanted to. I am on though..How cool is that?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forks Chapter 3

So okay here is chapter 3.
So we got to the Forks Motel. It is nice enough and cheap to boot. I think our room was $70.00.
We went out to eat Pizza down the road. They had great food and 3 guest books that you can read through from all the tourist that had stopped by.
We then headed back and went to sleep. The next morning we got up and went to the Forks Outfitters. It is like a Safeway, Out fitter slash Ace Hardware. They have the best Forks and Twilight Sweatshirts, shirts and things. I am currently working on somethings to sell in there. Remember this is like the Mike Newtons parents store.
I talked to the manager for a long time about the effects Twilight has had on their town. Basically with the drop in Timber prices, The town was really going down and times were getting tough. It was a great conversation. It was great listening to people who all greeted and knew each other in the store.
We bought donuts and headed for the Information center. My nieces showed up with their mom. So we went inside got a map of landmarks. There were people for all over the place there that day. I met some crazy gals from Arizona, Florida, New York, a sweet grandpa with his granddaughters from Idaho. There was a group of French Writers that were taking the Twilight Tour Bus Tour also so some visiting from Japan and Germany.
All that in a span of 20 minutes.
The day was beautiful and weather nice. The town was buzzing. We did the tour took pictures. I headed into the Dazzled by Twilight Store. Getting over a cold something gave me a huge coughing..pee your pants fit so I had to walk out. I tried to go in again but something just kept making me cough. Next time I will wear a mask.LOL
I could not wait to head to the beach. We went to RIALTO BEACH this time. It was spectacular. We spent 4 hours there. I collected bags of sand an a whole big collection of rocks. They are the most amazing colors.
So around 5 clock we headed home. It was so great! I cannot wait to go back next month.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay I'm done with the Tirade

So now I have to work a little harder. Ebay was so easy. It was so much It was sometimes hard to keep up. I have a few thing still on but I have no Idea who will buy them since you cannot use any Twilight related words in the Title or description. Of coarse this only pertains to mostly me because I see others starting to list their things and not get pulled.
Well I am now going to open a bitten and dazzled store on Etsy. I mean I have so much energy and inventory I cannot stop now. So after taking a much need 10 days off I am getting back to work.
All my customers You have been so great! I really have enjoyed the rush. Even those I ticked off because of some stupid mistake... Thank You!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I swear chapter 3 is coming!! I know this is a small following but I want all who comes across my blog to realize the word Twilight is against the Law in Ebay land.
I have a hater, Hi hater I am sure you like to reading this. Did your wife leave you because Edward is the new standard for men? Or are you a newb that needs to make some money so you thought the way to do it is by reporting all you competition's auctions.
Okay sorry I had to vent that somewhere.



There you will find the coolest vendors with the most original artistic stuff for all you Twilight needs.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bitten and Dazzled is Up!

I finally got to list some things on my new site bittenanddazzled It is alot more complicated than ebay so I still have somethings to work through. I have a whole new product line that I don't sell on the bay. Let me know what you think. It is a work in progress.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second Beach and the Meadow Scene

Chapter 2
So after we left first beach we drove back down the road toward Forks. We decided that maybe we would try walking down to Second Beach being it was still so nice out and it was to be a short .6 mile walk.
I grabbed my camera and my big shiny metallic purse and we headed out. Really I should have grabbed a back pack, my hiking shoes, and REI jacket. The trail meanders through the deep woods. There are mud holes so you have to walk around them.
My two youngest wanted to run along, so they took off with dad while my oldest Hunter was stuck with mom.
It was about 6:30pm a beautiful time to walk through the woods. Hunter had to carry my big purse while I stopped to take these incredible pictures of God Rays coming through the woods. I was so pleased on how they turned out. Some of them you can just imagine Bella and Edward laying in the meadow there.
Once you start to break out of the forest you start to head down, down ,down. There are a big huge set of man made stairs that lead to the beach. Being on the heavy and out of shape side I was not looking forward to climbing back up them. Word to the wise if you have bad knees don't attempt to walk down or up them. There is little or no way for anyone to rescue you.
I managed to get down slowly and it was so worth the descent. Jamie and the two youngest had already made it over all the washed up logs (huge logs). Lane was already crying because he was out on a rock and the tide had brought two big waves and surrounded him. He thought he was stuck there forever.
The coolest thing about this beach is these Huge powerful waves are so close. The sound is incredible and magical. They forcefully beat on theses huge rock that are so close to you. Looking out they are over your head coming in they fizzle out at your feet like magic.
The kids chased each other around with big pieces of Kelp like in the movie. Lane really wanted to find some crabs. He had a crap obsession since he was two. No crabs on this beach. We did see some cool star fish though.

Monday, April 6, 2009

La Push Baby!!!!

Little Surfer Dude. Along the rock line Humpbacks were blowing and spashing around the next day which was really cool

First Beach It think they call that James Island,there was a Sea otter and a Big Seal Lion hanging out in the water in this little inlet to the Marina. They know where the fish cleaning is happening

Chapter one

La Push Baby!!!

Well after 20 years or so I finally got to see Forks again. I really don't remember that camping trip we took by Three Rivers that my mom said we went on. She drank a lot back then so who knows.
Friday Morning didn't turn out like I had hoped. I was planing on leaving hubby and kids in tow by 6:00am. Forks is a 4 hour drive from our place.

My dear husband ended up having a meeting about a job so we didn't hit the road until till 1:00pm.

Finally after 5 months of rain, snow and freezing temps we had a beautiful clear 50 degree day. We kinda blew past Pt. Angeles. I have been there a few times and wanted to just get to Forks.

I was lucky enough to have booked us a Room at the Forks Motel so I new we had a place to sleep. It was the last weekend of Spring Break for most in our area so I knew there would be a few guest around.
The trip up the Olympic mountains is beautiful. You get to travel along side Crescent Lake for a few miles. On you left is beautiful Moss covered waterfalls which help set the mood.

My dear children 6,9,and 10 were watching Twilight on our drive which was great so I could listen. About the point we passed Crescent Lake they started making jokes about the part when Stephenie is sitting in the diner. Then they started fighting.

I started to feel that vein bulging in my neck. The kids were driving me crazy and ruining the moment I had waited 8 months for!!!!!!I was Begining to think, man we are coming all this way for this little town which is not much different than the logging town I live in. I can look at the pictures online. I should have left the kids at home this first time and waited to go with girlfriends Please make them stop fighting....Finally I Freaked
" This is Mommies Vacation and you are ruining it for me!!" I shouted.
I was thinking about when I had discovered Twilight at the end of last Summer. It had took me out of this deep depression that I was spriralling into from money worries and 4 deaths that stacked up in our family boom, boom, boom, and boom in a two month span.
Twilight lit something inside of me. Making beautiful Twilight jools had pulled me out of the darkness and kept us from losing a lot (my husband is a Carpenter need I say more). I have slept 5 hour days for the last 4 months so I could build my business. But not only that I have met some of the greatest people around the world. I had found something for me that I LOVED and this is My Momment and they are ruining it for me!!!!! ....I am such a baby.LOL

I wanted the sound track, you know track 12 in the background playing as I was driving in the woods out side of Forks. Finally 5:00pm and we come to the sign to La Push. I said let go there first. It was so nice out and I love the Pacific Coast Ocean.
We drove past 3rd beach then second beach, which you cannot see from the road. Then you come around a little corner and it was one of the most beautiful scenes of my life. Huge crashing waves, big rocks coming out of the ocean. I had just discovered one of Washington's best kept secrets and it is a secret no longer.....
More on our trip to come.
Peace Love Twilight!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My first Post!!!

Hey all out there in Twilight Land. Finally I am posting my first post. Thank you to my niece Haley for schooling me in Blogging. I am so excited to open my very own shop I should start listing thing this week as soon as I get my Cart figured out. I have lots of great new things I will be adding that you cannot find on my sister store I have been so comfortable on the bay but it is time to put on my big girl pants and do something on my own.
I have lots to talk about so come by again and see what is new. I am so excited to head to Forks and LaPush this week. I plan on having an awesome adventure and taking lots of pictures.
Make sure to say Hi!