Saturday, March 28, 2009

My first Post!!!

Hey all out there in Twilight Land. Finally I am posting my first post. Thank you to my niece Haley for schooling me in Blogging. I am so excited to open my very own shop I should start listing thing this week as soon as I get my Cart figured out. I have lots of great new things I will be adding that you cannot find on my sister store I have been so comfortable on the bay but it is time to put on my big girl pants and do something on my own.
I have lots to talk about so come by again and see what is new. I am so excited to head to Forks and LaPush this week. I plan on having an awesome adventure and taking lots of pictures.
Make sure to say Hi!


  1. Thanks for putting my name in your blog! can't wait to see some forks pictures! hope you have a ton of merchandise for your store soon!!! can't wait for it to open!! xD

  2. Hello, I LOVE your bracelet and it's saying..
    My Granddaughter Isabella (aka Bella) & I are just crazy about the Twilight saga..We can't wait until the "New Moon" movie is here.
    You have a great blog, have fun with it!!
    ~Mary~ IsabellasCloset