Monday, April 6, 2009

La Push Baby!!!!

Little Surfer Dude. Along the rock line Humpbacks were blowing and spashing around the next day which was really cool

First Beach It think they call that James Island,there was a Sea otter and a Big Seal Lion hanging out in the water in this little inlet to the Marina. They know where the fish cleaning is happening

Chapter one

La Push Baby!!!

Well after 20 years or so I finally got to see Forks again. I really don't remember that camping trip we took by Three Rivers that my mom said we went on. She drank a lot back then so who knows.
Friday Morning didn't turn out like I had hoped. I was planing on leaving hubby and kids in tow by 6:00am. Forks is a 4 hour drive from our place.

My dear husband ended up having a meeting about a job so we didn't hit the road until till 1:00pm.

Finally after 5 months of rain, snow and freezing temps we had a beautiful clear 50 degree day. We kinda blew past Pt. Angeles. I have been there a few times and wanted to just get to Forks.

I was lucky enough to have booked us a Room at the Forks Motel so I new we had a place to sleep. It was the last weekend of Spring Break for most in our area so I knew there would be a few guest around.
The trip up the Olympic mountains is beautiful. You get to travel along side Crescent Lake for a few miles. On you left is beautiful Moss covered waterfalls which help set the mood.

My dear children 6,9,and 10 were watching Twilight on our drive which was great so I could listen. About the point we passed Crescent Lake they started making jokes about the part when Stephenie is sitting in the diner. Then they started fighting.

I started to feel that vein bulging in my neck. The kids were driving me crazy and ruining the moment I had waited 8 months for!!!!!!I was Begining to think, man we are coming all this way for this little town which is not much different than the logging town I live in. I can look at the pictures online. I should have left the kids at home this first time and waited to go with girlfriends Please make them stop fighting....Finally I Freaked
" This is Mommies Vacation and you are ruining it for me!!" I shouted.
I was thinking about when I had discovered Twilight at the end of last Summer. It had took me out of this deep depression that I was spriralling into from money worries and 4 deaths that stacked up in our family boom, boom, boom, and boom in a two month span.
Twilight lit something inside of me. Making beautiful Twilight jools had pulled me out of the darkness and kept us from losing a lot (my husband is a Carpenter need I say more). I have slept 5 hour days for the last 4 months so I could build my business. But not only that I have met some of the greatest people around the world. I had found something for me that I LOVED and this is My Momment and they are ruining it for me!!!!! ....I am such a baby.LOL

I wanted the sound track, you know track 12 in the background playing as I was driving in the woods out side of Forks. Finally 5:00pm and we come to the sign to La Push. I said let go there first. It was so nice out and I love the Pacific Coast Ocean.
We drove past 3rd beach then second beach, which you cannot see from the road. Then you come around a little corner and it was one of the most beautiful scenes of my life. Huge crashing waves, big rocks coming out of the ocean. I had just discovered one of Washington's best kept secrets and it is a secret no longer.....
More on our trip to come.
Peace Love Twilight!


  1. hey its haley im at science working on a project......hahaha.
    i love the blog it was REALLY funny. chapter 1 was GREAT!!! well i gotta go see ya!


  2. Love your story writing! You're good!
    You should change the text color to black I can't read the other comments. Just letting you know