Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second Beach and the Meadow Scene

Chapter 2
So after we left first beach we drove back down the road toward Forks. We decided that maybe we would try walking down to Second Beach being it was still so nice out and it was to be a short .6 mile walk.
I grabbed my camera and my big shiny metallic purse and we headed out. Really I should have grabbed a back pack, my hiking shoes, and REI jacket. The trail meanders through the deep woods. There are mud holes so you have to walk around them.
My two youngest wanted to run along, so they took off with dad while my oldest Hunter was stuck with mom.
It was about 6:30pm a beautiful time to walk through the woods. Hunter had to carry my big purse while I stopped to take these incredible pictures of God Rays coming through the woods. I was so pleased on how they turned out. Some of them you can just imagine Bella and Edward laying in the meadow there.
Once you start to break out of the forest you start to head down, down ,down. There are a big huge set of man made stairs that lead to the beach. Being on the heavy and out of shape side I was not looking forward to climbing back up them. Word to the wise if you have bad knees don't attempt to walk down or up them. There is little or no way for anyone to rescue you.
I managed to get down slowly and it was so worth the descent. Jamie and the two youngest had already made it over all the washed up logs (huge logs). Lane was already crying because he was out on a rock and the tide had brought two big waves and surrounded him. He thought he was stuck there forever.
The coolest thing about this beach is these Huge powerful waves are so close. The sound is incredible and magical. They forcefully beat on theses huge rock that are so close to you. Looking out they are over your head coming in they fizzle out at your feet like magic.
The kids chased each other around with big pieces of Kelp like in the movie. Lane really wanted to find some crabs. He had a crap obsession since he was two. No crabs on this beach. We did see some cool star fish though.

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