Friday, February 24, 2012

Twitter, Tumber, Facebook OH MY!

So just this morning I have taken the time to set up a Tumber Account, and Revamp my Twitter account to hopefully find some more fabulous fans for my Facebook Page! This is in hope to promote a cool new site I just joined call
I love the ease of Ebay. It is wear I'm most comfortable. Of coarse I have been there for 12 years. It' s so expensive though and I hate having to try to follow their ever changing policies.
Etsy is great, but I have only have had a few sales here and there and my stuff is so hard to find.
So I am going to experiment and see if all this social media will help me build a solid business. So I can stay home, do what I love and be here to pick up my kids at the bus stop when it is raining like it does 200 days out of the year in Washington.
Hope to show what's been cooking in my studio soon. Now off the computer and back to work!

xoxo Bitten

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